Who I am...

It began 5 years ago when I had the inclination to begin personal studies into the field of Web design and development. In my preliminary studies I gained an in depth knowledge of HMTL, CSS, & JavaScript. After setting up my own personal design portfolio I wanted to learn more about other frameworks that are used in both software and web design. So I began my studies beginning with a user-friendly and well used framework called “React”. From that point forward I made it my personal goal to gather up as much information on various programming languages and to begin developing my Github Portfolio in order to display the projects that I had worked on. You may see the projects I worked on by using the link in my profile, which is also on my current resume.

Top skillsets

  • Frontend Frameworks: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, SaSS, Javascript,  WordPress, React, Firebase
  • Backend Development frameworks: Python, Django, Node.Js
  • AWS cloud practitioner training, ElasticBeanstalk, EC2, IAM Management, AMI’s
  • Autodesk 3Ds Max 
  • Adobe creative suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Flash)

What I am seeking...

I am eager to grow and learn, specifically in the front and back-end frameworks of software development. As of now, I have intermediate knowledge of several frameworks, and a great hunger to continually develop these skills. One of my passions in this field is in knowing that there will always be room to grow and learn, and that this field does not favor a lazy mindset. I have a strong tenacity to find solutions for any “bug” issues in a software project that I may encounter. I also have positive interpersonal skills, as well as references to provide.